Concussion Baseline Testing. What is it?


PlayWorks Physio is a Complete Concussion Management Certified Clinic. We often get asked by parents about concussion baseline testing and why it is important. Read below for more information!

What is baseline testing?

It is a series of physical and cognitive tests designed to provide a pre-injury overview of healthy brain function. Some examples of areas tested:

  •      Concussion and medical history
  •      Symptom score
  •      Orientation
  •      Auditory memory
  •      Concentration
  •      Visual tracking and processing speed
  •      Balance
  •      Reaction time
  •      Delayed memory recall
  •      ImPACT Test (ages 13+)

Why is it important?

Concussion baseline testing provides important information that can help healthcare professionals make safer return to learn and return to play decisions. Having a baseline of your child’s physical and cognitive function allows us to ensure we are getting them back to where they were pre-injury before sending them back to school and sports.

Also, if your child has a fall/hit/bump and you are unsure if they experienced a concussion, we can do the baseline test again and compare scores to their initial test to determine if they did indeed did suffer a concussion.

How often do you recommend baseline testing?

Concussion baseline testing for kids and teenagers is recommended once per year. Kids’ physical and cognitive function is constantly changing as they grow, so having am annual baseline test ensures the most accurate information.

Red Flags

If your child has had an injury and you suspect a concussion, take them to the emergency room immediately if any of the following symptoms occur.

  •      Very Drowsy
  •      Vomiting
  •      Memory Deficits
  •      Seizure
  •      Blood from Eyes/Ears
  •      Bruising/ Black Eyes
  •      Severe Balance Issues
  •      Severe Injury
  •      Slurred Speech
  •      Numbness in Arms or Legs




Photo by Ben Hershey