Understand your baby’s kinetic development.

Motor skills are crucial in the development of your baby. We offer a full range of services to help assess what stage they are at and which motor skills milestones to work towards.

Gross Motor Checkups & Assesment

Our physiotherapists can set up various obstacle courses, games and activities to assess your child’s gross motor skill level for their age. Depending on your toddlers stage of development, the physiotherapist can suggest appropriate activities and exercises to help them work towards their next milestones. This is why Play is crucial in their development.

Movement & Play based physiotherapy

For kids our sessions are largely play and movement based, incorporating relevant exercises to achieve specific goals. Kids will learn how to report pain and differentiate different types of pain/sensations. They also learn about how their body moves and are included in discussions of the treatment plan.

Strength, Mobility & Injury Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists are able to relate with teens, make them feel comfortable in our space and empower them in taking charge of their own bodies. Treatment for teens is determined after initial assessment and will consist of manual rehab, exercise treatment, movement based approach and home exercises if necessary.

Balance, Strength & Confidence

We see kids with congenital, genetic and neurological conditions, autism and muscular dystrophies. Our physiotherapists will work on goals created from the initial assessment with you and your child. Sessions may consist of improving balance, strength, mobility, motor planning, coordination, and confidence.

Why Babies, Toddlers & Youth Come to Physio

These are just some of the reasons why your child can benefit from physiotherapy.

In-toeing (pigeon toed)

This can be from hip position, lower leg bone position or foot position. The physiotherapist will assess your child to see why in-toeing is happening and then find the best course of treatment.

Toe walking

The physiotherapist can assess why your child walks on their toes and provide strategies to help decrease this gait pattern.

Growing pain

Pain that kids experience can be related to growing. Our physiotherapists can determine what is causing the pain, provide exercises, stretches or other treatments to reduce pain and improve movement.


Poor posture can result from a variety of causes such as poor core strength, weak back/shoulder muscles, tight muscles or habit. With physiotherapy we can work on the main issues in a fun and enjoyable way to help improve your child’s posture.


Improving your child’s flexibility can help prevent future pain and injury. It also gives us a chance to figure out why their muscles are so tight and correct any imbalances that may exist.

Flat feet

With physiotherapy we can strengthen hip or other leg muscles if necessary, as well as the foot intrinsic muscles. If your child is experiencing pain due to their flat feet, we can also address this in session.

Improving confidence with gross motor skills

You may notice that your child does not like to try new skills, is hesitant on the playground, has difficulty keeping up with their peers or avoids physical activity. PlayWorks can provide a safe environment to practice their gross motor skills, which will translate to increased confidence in the community!

Torticollis & Plagiocephaly

Stiffness in a baby’s neck muscles causing them to look one direction more than the other. This is often linked with a flat spot on baby’s head (plagiocephaly).

Pelvic Floor for kids

Improving kids’ continence is important for confidence, self esteem and social engagement as they grow. Leaks, constipation and bed-wetting can all be assessed and treated!

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PlayWorks Physio is the first paediatric physiotherapy clinic in the Tri-Cities! We offer engaging, individualized treatment for kids aged 0-18 years. Our main priority is to help kids and teens reach their physical goals while having FUN!

Gross Motor & Development Assesment


Shoulder Stability


Hip Mobility, Alignment & Strength


Arm Strength


Knee Mobility


Ankle Mobility & Foot Alignment

PlayWorks Physio is a new pediatric physiotherapy clinic in Port Moody! Our physiotherapists are familiar with kids’ bodies, injuries and conditions. During your baby’s gross motor assessment, the physiotherapist can answer any questions you may have about your baby’s development and provide suggestions on different skills to practice. This is a great opportunity to see where your baby is at for motor milestones, gain knowledge of what skills to expect next and to learn techniques to further enhance your baby’s development.

Therapies & Assessments

  • Initial Assessment

  • Follow-up Appointments

  • Home Visits

  • Group Sessions

  • One on One Sessions

  • Baby Milestone Group

  • Baby Gross Motor Assessment

  • Exercise Groups

  • Concussion Rehab

  • Concussion Baseline Testing

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment

  • Gross Motor Skill Assessment

  • Exercise Groups

  • Torticollis/Plagiocephaly

Concussions & Baseline Testing

PlayWorks is a Complete Concussion Management certified clinic and offers both concussion baseline testing and post-concussion care.

Concussion baseline testing is a 45 minute session that assess all the areas that are commonly impacted by a concussion. This provides information on where your child is at when they are healthy, so in the event of a concussion, we know how to get them back to their full potential. Our physiotherapists also provide education on what to do if you suspect a concussion and important signs to look out for.

Post-concussion rehab: After a concussion, we can start rehab and education right away to help manage symptoms and get your child or teen back to school and sport as safely as possible. We teach the kids how to listen to their bodies and give techniques to help make them feel better.

Learn more about identifying and treating concussions in your child.

Visit: completeconcussions.com  for more information.

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